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Heavy Equipment

Our years of experience in serving the electronics manufacturing industry has helped us accumulate rich experience in equipment relocation and onsite transfer. In addition to high-value equipment, machine installation, disassembly, packaging, transportation, and other full process services, we can also deepen the upstream supply chain of heavy equipment manufacturing, and provide customized lean supply chain management services from key component production to equipment assembly.

Equipment transportation

Installation location

Spare parts logistics

Success case


Large manufacturing enterprise

Pain points/needs

The procurement and transportation of production equipment for the newly built factory involved several precision instruments and more than 12,000 containers . It required comprehensive sea, land, and air transport resources and detailed global customs planning and services.

JUSDA solutions

JUSDA completed the road survey ahead of schedule, reserved the transportation resources including Roll-on/Roll-off ships, frame cabinets, and hovercrafts, and communicated with ports, docks, and local customs to plan and reserve related service plans and transportation routes.

JUSDA provides integrated services such as packaging, hoisting, transportation, temporary storage, and installation, as well as customs planning, customs clearance operations, and overseas inspection services.

Based on the customer’s factory construction plan, JUSDA planned the temporary storage site, assigned onsite personnel to conduct onsite management, seamlessly connected with the customer, responded to customer needs immediately, and achieved JIT delivery.

Customer benefits


Door-to-door one-stop services


Powerful resource integration And deployment capabilities


Professional customs affairs And trade compliance management


Strong risk control And safety management capabilities

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