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In view of the high requirements for supply chain management in the healthcare industry, we provide extensive, professional, and rapid supply chain solutions, covering planning, purchase, warehousing, storage, and other links.

Cold Chain Logistics

Compliance management

Quality management

Success case


With respect to the after-sales maintenance services for imported equipment, we can optimize the inventory of imported spare parts and quickly respond to customer needs based on compliance management, to ensure service quality.

Pain points/needs

International medical equipment manufacturing enterprise.

JUSDA solutions

With rich experience in customs operation and management, JUSDA specially developed a consignment maintenance warehouse solution. On the one hand, the customer’s capital locking was reduced through bonded supervision of inventory of imported spare parts and delayed payment of taxes, on the other hand, the customer could enjoy convenience in customs management such as customs declaration after delivery and centralized declaration.

Unique borrowing and return operations can quickly respond to the needs of on-site engineers or customers, thereby satisfying delivery and maintenance timeliness, and improving customer satisfaction.

Professional services such as testing, maintenance, scrapping, etc. are offered to support customers’ compliance requirements.

Customer benefits


Delayed payment of taxes Increased cash flow


Convenient customs management Quick response to customer requirements


Professional value-added services Meet customers’ compliance requirements


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