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Change your shipping service experience

We have established a complete global network of sea transport that integrates the entire supply chain resources of sea transportation

Provides you with accurate and cost-effective solutions for sea transportation based on JusLink smart platform.

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Annual Sea Throughput 150000 + TEU

12 (1).png

2000 + international shipping lines

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1000 + BLs Daily shipping  in transit

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500 + International cities


International shipping

We provide you with FCL and LCL import and export shipping services from domestic ports to all over the world, and support door-to-door one-stop services.
You can also enjoy sea-land, sea-air, sea-rail multimodal transport services, as well as maritime insurance services.

Order nationwide through one window

The JUSDA smart platform supports nationwide orders through one window
and provides real-time docking and collaboration to help you book national shipping space
while ensuring efficient, convenient, and comprehensive coverage.


Air Freight

Domestic Transportation

Contact JUSDA expert consultants

To provide you with professional solutions and quotations.

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