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Automotive and Aftermarket

Thank to our in-depth understanding of the pain points in the automotive and automotive aftermarket supply chain, our supply chain management platform can help connect manufacturers, dealers, offline stores, and car owners. The platform helps reduce the loss of products in the entire distribution cycle, enhances profitability of all stakeholders, and enables the orderly development and redistribution of benefits in the entire industry through effective supply chain management.

Inbound logistics (VMI+JIT)

Omni-channel order management

Spare parts logistics

Success case


A well-known domestic automobile brand that recently constructed a new energy main engine factory

Pain points/needs

The newly built factory lacked relevant planning and management experience, and needed to implement refined inventory management and quality control for more than 70 suppliers with more than 1,200 different part numbers, to achieve JIT delivery.

JUSDA solutions

By implementing a mature VMI+JIT operation model, professional information management system, and seamless connectivity with customers’s ERP/MES, the solutions could meet the extreme demands of "required goods, no goods and zero inventory" in production and manufacturing.

The automated warehousing facility planning combined with value-added services such as professional labeling, scanning, package repacking, IQC, etc.have improved the efficiency and accuracy of operations ensuring optimum production.

The informatization management of material racks has improved the turnover efficiency and reduced asset investment.

Customer benefits


Vendor-managed inventory (VMI) Reduction in customer inventory capital


Outsourced warehouse management Help customer focus on core business


Informatization and automation Perfect match with intelligent manufacturing


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