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3C Home Appliances

We have in-depth knowledge of the life cycle of 3C electronics. We handle hundreds of thousands of 3C electronic components every day in 155 locations and overseas central warehouses around the world, providing you, your suppliers, and partners with the most direct local services and more convenient and considerate storage and transportation solutions.

Multi-level warehouse management

Omni-channel order management

Global delivery

Success case


Well-known international home appliance manufacturing company with distribution network covering the whole country.

Pain points/needs

At present, there are challenges such as long OTD (Order-to-Delivery) cycles, high inventory levels, poor user experience, and lack of market competitiveness.

JUSDA solutions

By optimizing the national network and inventory based on the historical and forecast data of customer sales, JUSDA has built a distribution network covering more than 200 dealers and individual users in 143 cities across the country from 3 factories to 15 RDCs.

With the help of a cloud warehouse service system for 15 RDCs, we have optimized channel inventory and integrated B2B/B2C omni-channel inventory sharing and order management and have improved management and operational efficiency using powerful system functions.

We have optimized vehicle loading and distribution routing to improve delivery efficiency and avoid damage of transportation.

Customer benefits


50% increase in order delivery timeliness


200% increase in inventory turnover rate


20% optimization of overall delivery cost


Contact JUSDA expert consultants

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