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FMCG Retail

Our rapid response supply chain management services are perfect for the relatively long and rapid supply chain in the FMCG industry. Leveraging our cloud platform in China and our information and data synchronization capabilities of 9 central warehouses, 30 provincial warehouses, and 48 logistics operation and research centers, we are able to provide data visualization and intelligence for the entire supply chain process of the FMCG industry.

Network and inventory optimization

Unified storage and distribution

Global Trade Link

Success case


Well-known domestic new retail enterprise with retail stores penetrating to the township level.

Pain points/needs

In addition to strict cost control, the main improvements we made were with respect to inventory categories, sorting and selection, and management difficulty. We resolved the problems related to scattered and mixed orders, low operating efficiency, large fluctuations in orders, and difficulty in planning distribution.

JUSDA solutions

As the largest external partner of our customer, we have undertaken the management of large warehouses in 6 regions.

We gradually implemented solutions from simple warehouse management to integrated warehousing and distribution, and based on the characteristics of retail industry, the distribution planning was used to drive warehouse operations. With the help of the information system and automation, dynamic vehicle scheduling and manpower allocation were realized to improve production efficiency and reduce operating cost.

In addition, JUSDA achieved continuous optimization of projects through constant development of lean management.

Customer benefits


Increased inventory accuracy


Improved on-time delivery rate


Decreased return for damage rate


Continuous cost optimization

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