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Cross Border E-commerce parcel distribution
and delivery

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Total area of warehouse: 800000 (square meters)

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50000 + servics centers

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121 standard  warehouses  (unit)

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28 Cities across the country


JUSDA Cross Border E-commerce

JUSDA has 60 logistics centers around the world, covering 2 million square meters of warehouse space. Furthermore, we operate over 100 cross-border transportation centers and 1,000+ multi-model transportation routes.

We closely manage transportation services for over 3000 world-renowned brands and more than 100 manufacturing business units of Foxconn. Today, JUSDA is well-recognized as a leading logistics service provider in the manufacturing field. In addition to providing general supply chain management services, we help clients maximize their business values by offering a one-stop supply chain platform for e-commerce and cross border e-commerce. This allows for better integration of domestic and international supply chain resources with easier access to distribution networks globally.

We handle b2c, b2b2c, FBA deliveries on multiple geographies of the world and manage end to end supply chain for sellers across the world through our tech enabled value chain.

India region is focused on India to US, China to India, China to Middle East,  India to Middle East trade lanes.
Jusda is handling both courier express parcels and heavy weight cargo for E-commerce sellers, D2C brands, B2B organizations.

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Information Integration Management

The one-key operation of the mobile app enables in-transit tracking, sales forecasting,
supply management, and cloud warehouse management, making it smarter and more transparent.

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Big data collaboration

Provide reliable data support for your decision
by controlling inventory classification, formulating optimal replenishment strategy, and setting safety stock.

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Supply chain network optimization

Based on existing costs, inventory, capacity resources, and transportation needs,
we analyze the possibility of supply chain network optimization
to maximize benefits.

Warehousing & Fulfillment

Custom & Trade Complaince

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