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With our vast network of natural gas resources and container transport, 1,500 international air, sea, land, and rail lines, and 60 large distribution centers around the world, we can not only provide you with LNG resources in North America and the Asia Pacific region, but also provide efficient energy supply chain services, promoting the smooth development of upstream and downstream trade.

LNG tank transportation

Hazardous chemicals operation

Smart IoT

Success case


International LNG (liquefied natural gas) trading enterprise.

Pain points/needs

In the international transportation of LNG, our solutions ensures convenient and flexible delivery while ensuring safety and compliance.

JUSDA solutions

The JUSDA New Energy Business Department has custom-designed a smart interactive platform integrating trade, logistics, and information for customers, to link the upstream (overseas energy), midstream (storage yard and transportation) and downstream (terminal customers).

We ensure safe transportation by using standardized special tanks equipped with IoT-enabled devices and by leveraging IoT technology to monitor tank status in real time.

With our storage yard + transportation management solution, we can provide convenient door-to-door logistics services with multimodal transport to meet different needs of customers.

Customer benefits


Products are standardized and easily traded


Expand goods receipt through unit transport
One-stop service area


Cutting out the middlemen can reduce costs


Visual monitoring and management, safe and secure

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