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Bulk Materials

Bulk materials are widely used as basic raw materials in industries and are at the most upstream of the industry chain. As a 4PL service provider with the most professional industry supply chain, we have been serving "trillion-yuan" manufacturing enterprises for many years, and with our knowledge of lean management, we are able to provide all-round services for optimizing the production processes at industrial production sites, optimization of product lifecycle management services, and collaborative optimization of resource allocation among enterprises.

Multimodal transport

Special cabinet operation

Site management

Success case


Large-scale domestic enterprise in coal production and sales.

Pain points/needs

For the bulk cargo transportation of coal, it is difficult to manage transportation resources and the site, and there is need for strict cost control. However, at present, there is no visualization of the transport.

JUSDA solutions

Considering the characteristics of railways suitable for long-distance and large-volume transportation, a combined rail-land transportation scheme of open top containers + dump trucks was planned, and exclusive resources were integrated and invested to reserve the transportation capacity in advance.

On-site personnel were assigned to strengthen on-site resource allocation and operation management. The protection and supervision of goods in transit were strengthened to avoid the loss of bulk coal and weight difference.

In-vehicle GPS and IoT tracking device applications enabled whole-process visual tracking and supervision.

Customer benefits


Low-cost transportation


Door-to-door service


Whole-process visualization


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