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Cross Border Supply Chain ApproachPublished on August 8, 2019

Technology: This is the world of technology, the world of Artificial Intelligence. In retail, the world of E-commerce.Customers are increasingly defining how companies should build their supply chain strength. They can now shop anytime and anywhere, expect a more fulfilling experience from the retailers. The job of the retailer, doesn’t end only by making the best product available to the customer, but also in ensuring that the delivery of the product is seamless and hassle free to win customer preference. Hence, retailers are starting to seriously consider how to build a robust and sustainable supply chain model for long term business growth to meet fast evolving consumer demand, while minimizing costs and achieving profitable growth. The expectation of delivery experience remains same even if the retailer procures products from overseas. Typically, what a retailer does to take care of supply chain is to appoint a leading logistics service provider, who takes care of the entire process of delivery of the product, starting from sourcing to last mile delivery. The service provider, on the other hand, charges the retailer and executes various processes within the supply chain through partners. While this process is fine with smaller consignments involving a limited volume of products restricted to geographical proximity, this goes extremely difficult when international supply chain with no boundaries across the world is to be handled by a retailer and the same experience is to be delivered to it's consumers.

There are quite a few reasons behind this inference. First of all, dependency on a single courier service provider like last mile partner or adoption of ‘inorganic’ supply chain management can have a huge impact on the cost to the retailer. This is because, typically a player needs to either an expert in international movement and domestic also they have presence worldwide to handle end to end supply chain which is quite rare in today's scenario. Secondly, post engaging with a courier service provider, the retailer has zero control if exact point to point tracking is not provided. End consumer dependency is completely on that overseas tracking right from source to delivery and we are talking of giving same experience as a domestic last mile delivery.

Cross Border supply chain approach What should an enterprise retailer do to give the same experience of domestic delivery to their International product deliveries. Some of the critical aspects of a retailer’s global supply chain involves First mile consolidation from Overseas sellers, domestic shipment, International air freight forwarding, destination custom clearance, destination fulfillment and last mile delivery. In an ‘organic’ approach, retailers can segregate the scope of work and engage with a best in class service provider for each function and interact with a player who has International presence with a global network and ability to handle end to end supply chain or a supply chain integrator . By partnering with such player in the market, retailers can now expect greater assurance and reliability of operation as each function requires skillset. Moreover, this approach helps in creating a scalable ecosystem where both the retailer and the service provider get an opportunity to grow their business through large scale consignments. This approach also gives greater visibility and control to the retailers as they now have the exposure to the performance of each and every function. Also, for enterprise retailers, it makes a lot of sense to partner with the best in class service providers in such functionality of the logistic supply chain. It is like having a team of specialists executing their jobs perfectly, rather than depending on a particular individual to wear many hats. However, there is a caveat in selecting such partners. A retailer must be really careful in choosing partners. Performance standards should not be compromised while selecting the service provider. All service providers must adhere to uniform bench marking standards and procedures to ensure that the delivery process does not suffer. Moreover, pre-defined Standard Operating Procedures need to be laid out for each function so that the retailer can measure the performance from time to time and eliminate any constraint that affects the functioning of any of the department. A third party omni-channel technology enabler with experience in working with enterprise brand is a better bet to partner with to take care of all these processes.

Enterprise retail brands need to envisage that investing only in delivering better products is just half the job done. The same degree of focus, if not more, is needed to be given on how to provide best in class supply chain service to customers. A sound logistic management goes a long way in the brand building process for enterprise retailers. Cross-Border Parcel Solutions JUSDA is a pilot in integrating Component to Manufacture to Consumer (C2M2C) solutions. We leverage our 17 years of experience to help enterprises transform and upgrade their supply chains by applying our innovative business model that covers the flow of trade, goods, information, capital, technology and processes. The premiere supply chain management platform for Foxconn Technology Group, JUSDA is committed to driving professionalism and growth through the application of advanced technology and research and development. The organisation is focused on increasing the ability of e-commerce retailers, or e-tailers, to grow in cross-border markets. Through it's global network and strong tech base. They are able to solve the primary challenges in the cross border E-commerce space as below:

  • Reduced transit time and lower cost to international markets for faster expansion;

  • Reduced product cancellation rates internationally due to strong process flow and minimum TAT;

  • An easy solution with international in-country return capabilities;

  • Unified tracking internationally regardless of first and last mile logistics carrier

Jusda India Supply Chain Management easily facilitate the integration of their solution with retailers and e-tailers where both API, EDI, and even XML become standard integration formats and can make the onboarding process faster with any customer. With the help of massive freight and trucking solution, Jusda added first mile, fulfillment and last mile solution and build the entire end to end supply chain which was the key need in the market.

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