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Leveraging our years of leading lean supply chain management capabilities and with focus on manufacturing, we have expanded into more industries and now provide comprehensive solutions for eight core industries, including electronics manufacturing, 3C home appliances, energy, automotive and automotive aftermarket, medical health, heavy industry equipment, FMCG, and bulk materials.



Our major services include sea, land, air and railway layout transportation network, cloud warehouse, Consol-WHS&DC , Foreign Trade Platform, etc.

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JusLink Smart Supply Chain

The JusLink smart supply chain integrates modern technologies such as Internet of Things, cloud computing, and big data, to break the isolated silos in which upstream and downstream enterprises in the supply chain operate with no information sharing, thus effectively realizing enterprise information sharing and seamless docking of the entire chain.

  • JUSDA JusLink Smart Supply Chain Real-time Collaboration Platform

  • Smart Chain Lab

  • Application of industrial Internet scenarios

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Juslink smart supply chain management platform services

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