With the rich experience in supply chain solutions in multiple markets, we are able to process 20,000 orders a day. In addition, the mature distribution network layout that covers the last kilometer provides you with an extreme reach across India, China, US and other countries, and the tracking system gives you a clear view of the individual parcel status. We provide control tower dashboard for our business customers to have an end to end visibility.

Major markets serving –
  • China & US to India
  • India to US, UK, Middle East, Africa, SEA

JUSDA Capabilities

  • First mile pick up and distribution
  • Consolidation in multiple DCs
  • Freight- Cargo and Courier
  • Clearance- Cargo and Courier
  • First mile pick up and distribution
  • Last Mile delivery and Transport Distribution
  • Importer on Record and Exporter on Record services

Core Advantages

  • The pioneer of large appliance integration of configuration and installation
  • Self-developed e-commerce storage and distribution system
  • Perfect network layout for the ease of last mile
  • Full integrated control tower visibility on Dashboard
  • Dashboard SLA Report analysis for our business customers
  • 16+ scans from pick up from China to Last mile delivery in India.

Warehouse & Distribution Capabilities

  • Warehouse space: 450,000m²
  • Order processing capacity: 20,000+ orders per day
  • Track your JUSDA AWB in the link Track your Order