About Us

JUSDA India was established in 2017 and is the joint venture with Foxconn Technology Group. JUSDA India has been set up to support the development of Logistics in India keeping in view the introduction of GST, Make in India, growing trade with China and other Asia Pacific countries (Japan, Korea, ASEAN), and fast growth in eCommerce and Omnichannel fulfillment.

JUSDA has strong capabilities to empower manufacturing, trade, and retail sectors through integration of information, goods movement, and financial flows. Our key areas of strength in India include

  • Strong presence on the China India Trade lane and has the capability to support supply chains whether originating in China and ending in India or vice versa. Our deep network in China gives us unparalleled capability to support you in sourcing from and delivering to customers and consumers in China.
  • Supply Chain Management for Electronics Manufacturing right from purchase order management, component pickup, international freight and clearance, to complicated VMI programs is a strong offering for JUSDA globally and in India.
  • We are the only 4PL to offer an integrated delivery program in India across 25 warehouse hubs and next day delivery to to more than 400 pin codes with single system integration and visibility. We can support distribution for Cellphones, Hi Tech products, consumer electronics, and consumer durable through our single source national distribution platform
  • JUSDA India has strong analytics, technology, and change management capability to help you travel the GST journey. We offer a turnkey solution with guaranteed service levels and cost reduction within a stipulated time to help you maximize the GST advantage.

Mission Statement

Connect, optimize and design the future of supply chain services through partnerships, platforms and hardware.


Design, connect and optimize the future of supply chain through partnerships, platforms, and hardware.


Enable Commerce for Clients Provide First-Class Technologies & Services Enhance Our Inventive C2C Supply Chain & Logistics Platform


Build customized unique multi-platform supply chain ecosystems. Vertically integrate supply chain management services with information technology. Provide best in class logistics operations as a main backbone for partners.